Who are we and why shop with us?

We are a team of fashion lovers!  We believe in great fashion with a point of difference and love dressing our clients that share a passion for great quality clothing. 

We are dedicated to bringing Australia the best of the best in fashion.  We LOVE Australian, New Zealand and Canadian labels.

Currently in store for Autumn/Winter 2020 we have plenty!

We stock what we love!  We stock what we know will make you look and feel fabulous.  Our range changes with the tide of fashion and we bring brands in and out of the store so that we collate the best we can offer you from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  Our website does not reflect all of the brands we have in store but we do our best to keep it up to date with our small team.

Who will you meet when you shop with us?

Roxanne: Owner of Nunie and Yu, I grew up in fashion, my mother worked in and eventually was the owner of Bowral boutique "Pumpkin Boutique" for thirty years.  After studying Japanese at University, I lived and worked in Japan for ten years before returning to Australia and purchasing "Nunie" in 2007.  In 2010, I opened an additional store in Manuka called "Yu".   In August 2018 we relocated both stores to Yarralumla shops, and we are super excited to be putting our roots down here I am a mother of a ten year old daughter, love collaborating with like minded people (particularly my customers).  I love working with clients that like honest opinions, are open to suggestions and are happy to tell me what they think too!

Muna:  Muna has been working with us for five years.  Muna studied fashion in her home country of Iraq, she is our most complemented staff member ever!  Muna has a gentle and genuine approach to assisting our clients, she loves getting to know clients over time.  After meeting you just the once, she will remember you forever!  Muna knows how to make you look great and feel wonderful.

Maria:  Maria is all things feminine.   Maria is an amazing piano teacher by day and an amazing sales assistant also by day!  Maria loves detail and the exquisite in life and is always happy to help you find the same!